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LG 50PN5300 Plasma HDTV

lg 50pn5300 front side

Basic specifications:

Size (in): 50"
Model Year: 2013
Technology: Plasma
Contrast Ratio: 3.000.000:1
Subfield Drive: 600 Hz
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Speaker Output: 20 W

Expert Reviews


Color Accuracy:  7.5/10

"The colors looked spot-on, with flesh tones appearing accurate and no significant tinting in any direction"

Black Level:  6.5/10

"The mediocre black levels and not particularly bright panel washed out some shadow details and the murky water scenes looked pale and devoid of detail"

Power Consumption:  6/10

"Like most plasma HDTVs, the PN5300 is a power hog. With energy saving features turned off, it consumes an average of 295 watts under normal use. With energy saving set to Minimum, the screen barely changes and it consumes an average of 276 watts"


Features (4)

Game Mode
Anti-Burn In
Universal Remote
Cinema 24p

Room Recommendations

Viewing Distance:
Between 6 and 13 ft

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Jetsfanatic     2013-08-05    Like: 0 of 0

Great TV for the price

purchased this TV to replace a Samsung TV. This one has 1080p, I love the picture and the sound is awesome, great for gaming, I would recommend.